Adventures in Bali - From the Past to Present

This map shows my grandparents' trip to Bali, Indonesia, overlayed with my own. Each spot on their trip is annotated with an experience recorded in their journal. For my own trip I have attached pictures I took of places on my own trip. This project is meant to show what changes and what stays the same in a place across a decade. And it's also a personal look for myself, to see the experiences I share with my family, even when those experiences happen at entirely different times. My grandparents' trip is shown through the blue marks, and mine through the pink. This was a story I knew I wanted to tell even before I began this class, but at the time I didn't know how. I discovered using Google Maps was one of the most advantageous ways to visualize it. It gave me a way of telling narrative unique to the web. It was also something I struggled with setting up, because it's difficult to overlay the two trips in a way that's visually and chronologically clear. In addition, Google Maps will place pre-existing location markers if it recognizes a place that you're tagging. This makes it even more difficult to access the tags I have edited with the story, so this is an aspect I will still need to work on for the future. Bali: The Seen and Unseen World