Understanding Motherhood

I created this project in an attempt to better know the women, specifically mothers, in my life. It is set up through a blog, with audio interviews and transcribed stories, as well as a map showing the life history of each mother. This Multimodal Project has gone through multiple iterations in its creation - from homelessness to motherhood, and from Omeka to Wordpress. It may need to go through yet another iteration, to become more of a forum than a static page of stories. I think it needs to be more compelling in some way, and offering a forum for others to submit to would help with that. I used primary sources, namely women I know that are important to me. I illustrated their stories using the unique affordances available to me through the web. However, in creating these stories with primary sources, I have raised the issue of how to protect privacy, and how to negotiate what all they are okay with being shared with the world.

Multimodal Project